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Voltage Stabilizer

Reference Designation
HTNDP5HE Stabilizer 0.5KVA 220V
HTND1HE Stabilizer 1KVA 220V
HTND1P5HE Stabilizer 1.5KVA 220V
HTND2HE Stabilizer 2KVA 220V
HTND3HE Stabilizer 3KVA 220V
HTND5HE Stabilizer 5KVA 220V
HTND7HE Stabilizer 7KVA 220V
HTND10HE Stabilizer 10KVA 220V
HTND10GHE Stabilizer 10KVA 220V
HTND15GHE Stabilizer 15KVA 220V
HTND20GHE Stabilizer 20KVA 220V
HSJW4P5 Stabilizer 4.5KVA 380V
HSJW6G Stabilizer 6KVA 380V
HSJW9G Stabilizer 9KVA 380V
HSJW15G Stabilizer 15KVA 380V
HSJW20G Stabilizer 20KVA 380V
HSJW30G Stabilizer 30KVA 380V
HSJW45G Stabilizer 45KVA 380V
HSJW60G Stabilizer 60KVA 380V
HSBW100 Stabilizer 100KVA 380V
HSBW180 Stabilizer 180KVA 380V


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